Covenant Chapel I pray you have a blessed week ahead!

Coming back from missions and being reunited with my family after they spent time in Korea I've been thinking about you, my family in Christ and God's grace upon your lives. The mission trip was muy excelente!

It was really a blessing to be with the people in Merida, to see the pastors and the servants in the towns where we visited. The ministry being done and the gospel being shared with children was overwhelming and after long days despite being tired our hearts were over flowing with joy.

The blessing was also to be with our team.  Being together with KM members who for me in many ways before the trip were just faces and names but after the trip, what grace it is know men and women, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, each member of our team unique in their stories and especially unique in the life that God gave and touched. What personalities that God has created, each child of God a character in and of themselves yet with His finger prints all over them. He is continuing to shape us all into the likeness of His Son!  It was such a blessing to see the unity that the Spirit brings!

I look forward to going on trips with Covenant Chapel and I wonder in expectancy the things we can learn together, the ministry that we can do together. But in the meantime our call as a church is to love one another, walk with one another and be real with one another in each of our lives

Let's continue to pray for a growth groups as we want these groups to be places where we can really share and pray for one another, be real with one another and build ongoing relationships. Where we can His grace, in the lives of mothers and fathers, sisters brothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, though not perfect yet with our eyes fixed on the perfect one Jesus Christ.

I look forward to another week of ministry with you and I'm really praying for our continued strength finding our strength in the Lord and growing in Him.

Take care!