Community Groups


Community Groups

Much of the nurture we are seeking after is found in the context of our Community Groups. They are designed to take us as a congregation in the direction of gospel-driven community. We desire to be more than just "Sunday Christians," or part of a mere “Sunday Church." The letter to the Hebrews, in 3:12-13, indicates that we need Christ-centered relationships in an ongoing way: "Take care, brothers, lest there be in any of you an evil, unbelieving heart, leading you to fall away from the living God. But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called “today,” that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin." If we choose to be isolated or to settle for just superficial contact with the body of Christ, we make ourselves increasingly vulnerable to "an evil, unbelieving heart" leading us "away from the living God," along with being "hardened by the deceitfulness of sin." This is what we open ourselves up to apart from true friendships marked by accountability and trust in which we are "exhorting" each other and helping one another to practically apply God's word, as it centers on the good news of Jesus.

In our Community Groups, we enjoy food and fellowship; interactively study God's word; get to know each another; and learn how to pray for one another. These things are simply not possible solely through a larger, corporate worship gathering on Sunday, as much as that is the starting point for every week in the life of CC. A more intimate setting is required for any depth of relationship to be reached. To meet this need, we offer Community Groups at church and various homes. And, for students at UConn, we also offer on-campus Small Groups throughout the school year.

If you wish to be involved in a CC Community Group, please know that you are welcome! Check out the list below. Feel free to contact one of the Community Group Leaders to know more about where and when any of these groups meet or if you have other questions.

Family Ministry

Leader: Tom Roh

This ministry is directed to our CC families. Our meetings take place every month in different rotating homes, and consists of a time of eating lunch together, as well as having a short time of reflecting on God’s Word, sharing and prayer.

Young Adults Ministry

Leader: Tony Shin & Dave Cha

This ministry is directed towards our young adult singles, but is open to all. Our meetings are weekly on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM and consists of a time of praise, Bible study, sharing, and prayer.

UConn Small Groups

Male Leaders: 

Female Leaders: 

These small groups meet on Thursdays during the school year for a time of praise, prayer, and fellowship. These small groups meet together for a time of corporate praise before the small group and then come together after the small group time for snacks.

Sunday Fellowship Groups

Male Leaders: Dan Moon

Female Leaders: Sawon Lee

These groups meet twice a month on Sundays for about thirty minutes.  These groups meet together for a time of sharing and prayer.


College Ministry (CCF)

College Ministry (CCF)


Covenant Chapel Fellowship (CCF) is a ministry of Covenant Chapel and seeks to fulfill the vision of Covenant Chapel at UConn.

The Vision of CCF is to:

Worship God

Nurture Believers

Reach the World

The focus of this fellowship is to be a community for Christ on the UConn campus.  We want to be a community devoted to the teaching of God’s Word, to fellowship, and to prayer.  We want to be a fellowship that worships God together, shares together, and lives life together.  We want to be a community that reflects Christ on the UConn campus so that people can come to know how wonderful He truly is (Acts 2:42-47).

Worship - Praise team

Praise Team leads us into a time of corporate worship

Nurture – Small Groups, Family Groups, Fellowship Events, etc.

Nurture growth and build community in the small groups

Strive to create a community that is loving, caring and encouraging through weekly meetings, fellowship events, and living life together at UConn

Reach – Outreach Ministry, Welcoming Ministry, Kingdom Prayer, etc.

Reach people on the UConn campus

Reach people in the neighboring areas and minister to them

Pray for people in need

Think about ways we can help and reach people all across the world

Go on mission trips during breaks


Church Membership

Church Membership

Why Become A Member?

We at Covenant Chapel believe that being a Christian not only means believing in Jesus Christ, but belonging to his body as well. Being a Christian and being a part of a church body are inseparable.

While most other social clubs or organizations exist to serve its members, the Christian Church is completely different in that its members are called to serve the church and others within it. Becoming a committed member is a public declaration to support the church and live according to the Word of God. It is a way for believers to have a sense of ownership of, a spirit of unity within, and a form of accountability from the church. In Acts 2:46-47, the people met together at the temple and shared their food and homes with one another as a display of their unity and accountability.

If you consider Covenant Chapel to be your home, we encourage you to sign up for membership classes and become a member.


Membership Process

The first step to becoming a member at Covenant Chapel is to sign up for our membership classes. Membership classes are offered twice a year, and the membership process consists of two classes, which normally take place on two Sundays, and an interview afterwards.  All membership candidates will also sign a membership covenant and share their testimony.

Once you have completed the membership process, an oath will be taken in front of the congregation during the worship service the following Sunday. This allows the congregation to serve as witnesses of the candidate's membership induction and fosters a spirit of support and accountability within the context of the church body. Finally, a membership certificate will be presented to finalize the induction process.

If you would like to become a member, please contact Pastor James Park.